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Orthodontic treatment using traditional metal braces, invisible braces, or clear aligners is a process that can take up to two years to complete. It is important that your teen prepares for a lengthy and sometimes uncomfortable process if they opt for braces. Choosing the right form of orthodontic treatment is an important initial process that you can help your teen with.

Of course, a healthy smile and straight, beautiful teeth are worth it in the end!

However, whichever type of braces your teen chooses, it will require a period of adjustment.

If your adolescent is looking for orthodontic treatment to straighten or align their teeth, call Cornertown Dentistry in  Anytown for a consultation to discuss orthodontic treatment options. 

It is fairly common for teens, parents and their dentist to choose traditional metal braces. They are often the least expensive option and can correct severe problems that some other systems can’t.

There are a number of things to consider. Diet is a biggie. Your son or daughter will need to learn to avoid the following:

  • Gum 
  • Popcorn 
  • Sticky or hard candies 
  • Hard foods 
  • Whole apples or other hard fruits or vegetables
    • Apples and other hard or raw foods are okay to eat if they are sliced or cut up into smaller pieces 

Getting used to the tools

More often than not, teenages with traditional metal braces will have to use rubber bands at some point to adjust and align the jaw properly. It is a smart move to stock up on rubber bands when your teenager is told to use them. 

  • Stock up on wax
  • Look into purchasing smaller cleaning tools for your teen’s braces
  • Learning to pack and keep a to-go bag with your tools 

It is helpful to keep a small bag or kit with the needed tools for proper tooth care. Some items that should be kept in such a kit are: 

  • Floss 
  • A toothbrush 
  • Rubber bands (if your dentist or orthodontist prescribes them)
  • Dental wax to cover any metal pieces of the braces that are sticking out or irritating the gums 

Remember to remain positive and be patient with the process. It can be uncomfortable for your child at times. Remember, it takes time and effort to treat the teeth properly and with the best care while undergoing orthodontic treatment.


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