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It’s a question that many parents in Anytown debate: When should I take my child in for their first orthodontic evaluation? The answer may be a little earlier than you think.

We recommend bringing children in by the age of seven. Even if you don’t see any signs that your child will need braces. It’s vital to have an exam and X-rays to know exactly how tooth development is progressing.

How about dental visits for general dental care? We recommend bringing your toddler to a family or pediatric dentist by the age of one.

Not only will your dentist want to clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride, it’s also important for little ones to get used to seeing the dentist.

Starting early dental visits will mean that later in life your child will be less likely to require extensive restorative dental work.

If your child is apprehensive about visiting Cornertown Dentistry, you might want to bring them in a few days before to visit our office. Call us at
801.938.3466 to set up a time for your child to meet our remarketable team.

At Cornertown Dentistry we offer:

cleaning and prevention
dental surgery

Doctor Johnson and your pediatric dentist work together to ensure your child receives the best treatment possible.



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