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Have you ever gotten an unbelievable bargain on a used car that turned out to be a lemon? After a couple years of constant repairs, you realized that it ended up costing as much as a new car would have. And after spending all that money, you still have a a clunker.

The same is true of inferior dental work. You have probably received glossy postcard ads that proclaim amazing bargains on cosmetic dentistry: porcelain veneers, crowns, white fillings, and dental implants. The prices may be enticing, but be certain you do plenty of research before committing. We aren’t trying to imply that all dental practices that publicize low procedure prices in their ads provide substandard work – we are just cautioning patients not to choose a cosmetic dentist based on price alone. Unlike a vehicle, you can’t sell your smile and buy a new one.

We will use porcelain veneers as an example. What can go amiss if you receive substandard porcelain veneers?

  • The dentist may be inexperienced and make mistakes: improper placement, dissatisfactory color matching, bite complications.

  • The materials may be substandard: unnatural color, prone to breaking, veneers pop off.

  • The lab techs that create the restorations may turn out inferior work: unnatural color, poor fit.

If you are considering a smile redesign, meet with Doctor Larry Johnson at Cornertown Dentistry first. During your consultation, you will learn about Doctor Johnson’s years of experience, techniques, specialty training, number of procedures performed, the best materials for the restorations, and specifics about the dental lab we use. We can also provide references if requested. And, of course, we will review how much each treatment will cost. We are sure that you will find that our prices our competitive for the exceptional dentistry Doctor Johnson performs.

Don’t endanger your smile in an attempt to save some money. You really do get what you pay for.

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