Protecting Your Anytown Athlete's Teeth Do you have a son or daughter that plays Anytown youth sports? Soccer, baseball, football, and basketball can be very dangerous for your child’s teeth.

Football is a violent contact sport, yet there is a relatively low rate of tooth injuries that occur in football as compared to other contact sports. Why? Football players are obligated to wear a mouth guard and a helmet.

Inexpensive athletic dental mouth guards are worth their weight in gold!

If your child participates in a contact sport and does not currently wear a tooth protection device, we recommend that you pick up an appropriately-sized mouth guard and make sure they wear it. They are available at most Anytown athletic supply stores. Some dentists make custom-made athletic mouthguards that grant even better protection than the one-size fits all varieties.

Is your child still a toddler? It’s not too early to start protecting their oral health. If your toddler has not yet had a dental examination, call us at 801.938.3466 to schedule one. Starting early dental visits is essential for lifelong oral health.

At Cornertown Dentistry in Anytown, America, we care about your child’s health and safety. To discuss your child’s dental condition or to learn more about sports-related tooth injury prevention, call us at 801.938.3466. We have been keeping young athlete’s smiles healthy since 2007. Our child-friendly staff will take special care of your son or daughter. Let us show you why we are not an ordinary Anytown dental practice.

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