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I’m Larry Johnson. I’ve been practicing dentistry here in Anytown, America since 2007. I have found amazing people in this community, all the way out to Salt Lake City. At Cornertown Dentistry, we focus on three important things as we endeavor to be your dental provider of choice.

We want to be the dental practice families turn to for reliable care, whether for routine preventative services, tooth restoration, or cosmetic dentistry. If your son chips a tooth and is in severe pain, we want to be the first choice that comes to mind. We offer variety for any family’s various dental needs.

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Cornertown Dentistry focuses on your Family.

When we sit down in consultation and you say “Doctor Larry Johnson, I need to know the cost of veneers, dental implants, the cost of a dental bridge… I need to know my options.” We’ll give you the bottom line on teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and crown replacement. Whether it’s affordable dental care for quality of life or affordable cosmetic dentistry for increased confidence, we’re here. Look us up or call: http://mydentistblog.com/ 801.938.3466

Cornertown Dentistry focuses on the Facts.

A Friendly, Comfortable, and Safe Environment:
We focus on clean, bright, and inviting and follow rigorous standards of sterilization. Our team here at Cornertown Dentistry is friendly, professional and considerate.

Cornertown Dentistry focuses on a Friendly atmosphere.

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